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Brain Compatible Teaching and Learning [clear filter]
Thursday, November 2


The Internet: A Game Changer - A Brain Changer
As developmental educators, we see students with weak educational backgrounds and poor study habits. Now, we may even have to work against the habits ingrained in them as they utilize the Internet. Join in the conversation about how technology is changing our brains.

During the roundtable Barb Zmolek will present information for a 30-minute time period, then pose questions to the participants, encourage discussion, and ask for comments from them about the information. I’m confident that we’ll begin building a bridge to span the gap between technology usage and deep information processing. I’m also confident that this bridge will be far from complete by the end of the session.


Thursday November 2, 2017 10:15am - 11:15am
Allegheny Grand II


Evaluating effectiveness and types of learning methods in the classroom
Learning methods and differentiated instruction continue to attract a lot of attention. Research shows some clear results related to the academic effectiveness of these different methods. Which methods can work? Which methods have worked for you? Is there more about these methods than simply obtaining higher academic scores?

For this roundtable there will be a 2-page handout with details on various research that has been completed in the area of learning styles and differentiated instruction. The handout will show where it has been proven to work and where there are areas of unknowns. The end will include a number of prompts to engage the participants during the discussion time.


Thursday November 2, 2017 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Allegheny Grand II
Friday, November 3


Game-based Learning: Bridging Contextualities, Emerging Modes
This session will be fun and games! Participants will have access to and play a prototype unique to the field of college reading and learning. Presenters will review the theoretical underpinnings of the game, the collaboration required for game-based learning, and the future consideration of gaming’s role in higher education.

Time during this session will be spent by participants playing reading and study strategy games. Also, this presentation will explain the theoretical underpinnings of the game content and design and explore specifically how theory helped create content. Presenters will review this mode as a learning tool, the process of creating such a prototype, and the multiple entities involved in the design and execution of the games.
1. Game play
2. Discussion of theory that informed design
3. Creating across multiple contexts
a. Project management
b. Execution of methodology
4. Looking forward: Implications in college literacy
5. Questions

Friday November 3, 2017 9:45am - 10:45am


Steel Is Malleable under Suitable Conditions: A Solid Achievement Model
Steel is an excellent material for bridges because of its strength and flexibility. Building a bridge requires enormous collaboration. This context provides the framework of the figurative bridges between theory and practice, IRW curriculum and a learning center, and professional development resulting in enormous faculty growth and documented student achievement.

Dual themes of community and collaboration are highlighted within professional collegial circles, classrooms, and extend out to our learning center. A slide show illustrates initial redesign efforts concomitant with a seismic shift of culture through purposeful change: an intentional move to a constructivist andragogy and inception of a learning center from the ground up. Our findings represent varied perspectives: a first-generation co-author of IRW redesign and PD model; a second-generation faculty member/mentor; coordinator of the learning center and fourth-generation participant/mentor; and lastly, student perspectives via video. An ample bibliography is provided, along with a guide to assess participant’s institutional considerations.

Friday November 3, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Cambria East